Past Event

Digital Personal Data Protection Act and it Implications20-Apr-2024Harpreet Singh11.0012.30
ISO 14971 - Risk Analysis of Medical Devices13-Apr-202411.0012.30
Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Work06-Apr-2024CA Dinesh Kumar Tejwani11.0012.30
Effectiveness of ISO 9001 :2015 implementation30-Mar-2024Ms. Lekha Nair11.0012.30
FEMA & Taxation in Everyday scenario - Individual & Businesses23-Mar-2024Meera Joisher11.0012.30
Introduction to six sigma16-Mar-2024Dr. Richa Dayaramnani11.0012.30
Rights of Women in India09-Mar-2024Sheetal Niwalkar11.0012.30
Automating Daily Tasks in Excel using AI Tools02-Mar-2024Alok Sethi11.0012.30
How to manifest the Life you desire17-Feb-2024Jalpa Jasoo Shrimali11.00 am12.30 pm
Inner Child Healing and Choice of Vulnerability10-Feb-2024Poonam Vyas11.00 am12.30 pm
Mindfulness It can be easy to rush through life without stopping to notice much.03-Feb-2024Manisha Agarwal11.00 am12.30 pm
Business Finance27-Jan-2024Nitin Kingrani11.00 am12.30 pm
Role of Personal Financial Planning20-Jan-2024Power of Compounding11.00 am12.30 pm
Requirements & Implementation of ISO 1400113-Jan-2024Mithila More11.00 am12.30 pm
Emergency Response06-Jan-2024Lekha Nair11.00 am12.30 pm
Wrap up of 2023 - Points to Ponder for ISO in New Year! 30-Dec-2023Ms. Smitha Venkatesh11.00 am12.30 pm
Employee Sensitization and Awareness program on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (PPR) Act, 201323-Dec-2023Sheetal Niwalkar11.00 am12.30 pm
Rights of women at workplace16-Dec-2023Mahesh Bhorikar11.00 am12.30 pm
Financial Well Being & Empowering MSMEs: Navigating Human Rights Challenges in the civic society09-Dec-2023Ms. Trishla Malik & Nitin Rao11.00 am12.30 pm
Input Tax Credit02-Dec-2023Kamal Kumar Valecha11.00 am12.30 pm
Labour Laws and Regulations Under EPF Act & ESI Act25-Nov-2023Dayanand Mangaokar11.00 am12.30 pm
Prevention of Financial Frauds using Forensic Accounting18-Nov-2023Samir Chaudhary11.00 am12.30 pm
Learning from Bhagvadgita11-Nov-2023Raina Khatri Tandon11.00 am12.30 pm
Valuation Of Banks04-Nov-2023Nirmala Soni11.00 am12.30 pm
12 Rules to be Best Version Of Yourself28-Oct-2023Ms. Shalu Ramnani11.00 am12.30 pm
Sanity in an Insane world21-Oct-2023Ms. Archana Kabra11.00 am12.30 pm
Digital World Helping - MSME14-Oct-2023Siddesh Joglekar2.00 PM5.00 PM
Brand Building through PR07-Oct-2023Neelima Somshekhar11.00 am12.30 pm
Creating a Magnificent Mind30-Sep-2023Ms. Rachana Patel11.00 am12.30 pm
Disability etiquette and Awareness23-Sep-2023 Sangeeta Jagtiani Vaswani 11.00 am12.30 pm
Break free to success 16-Sep-2023Shalu Ramnani11.00 am12.30 pm
Demystifying Reporting Challenges under Tax Audit09-Sep-2023Ms. Sonia Arora11.00 am12.30 pm
Cleansing Therapy Cure Yourself02-Sep-2023Dr. Piyush Saxena11.00 am12.30 pm
Legal compliance from Businessmans point of view26-Aug-2023Ishwar jivani 11.00 am12.30 pm
Startup Valuation19-Aug-2023Nirmala soni11.00 Am12.30 Pm
Performance Mindset 12-Aug-2023Krishna Dutta11.00 Am12.30 Pm
Business Succession Planning 05-Aug-2023Ravi Mamaodiya 11.00 AM12.30 PM
Financial Frauds - Offline & Online Safety Measures through Forensic Accounting29-Jul-2023Samir chaudhary11.00 AM12.30 PM
Startup @ idea to Implementation 22-Jul-2023Pankaj Dara11.00 AM12.30 PM
MSME Driving Force in Indias Economic Growth15-Jul-2023Kishore kumar pahuja11.00 am12.30 pm
Term Validation in ISO 9001: 2015 Standard08-Jul-2023Dr. ABHIMANYU SAMRAT 11.00 AM12.30 PM
Effect of Environment on Health of Human01-Jul-2023Mr. N.K. Maitra11.00 AM12.30 PM
Health Is Wealth24-Jun-2023Mr. Yogiraj Bharat Bushan11.00 AM12.30 PM
Managing Client Interactions17-Jun-202311.00 AM12.30 PM
FSMS Implementation challenge for hotels in india 10-Jun-2023Sumit Saxena 11.00 am12.30 pm
Paryavartan 202303-Jun-2023B.N. JAGTAP2.00 pm6.00 pm
Introdution To Energy Management System Based On ISO 5000106-May-2023Dr. Sanjeevani Gogawale11.00 AM12.30 PM
MSME Sustainable ZED Certification Scheme08-Apr-2023Mr. Ananthanarayanan Iyer11:0012:30
ENTREPRENEURIAL SUCCESS01-Apr-2023Mr. Neel Ramesh11:0012:30
Value Creation Vs Value Capture25-Mar-2023Mr. Yogesh Jain11:0012:30
Transformative Learning18-Mar-2023Ms. Krishna Dutta 11:0012:30
Miracles With Gratitude11-Mar-2023Ms. Ruchi K. Pahuja11:0012:30
Industrial Sector04-Mar-202311:002:00
Pranic Stress - Relief Session25-Feb-2023Ms. Rachana Patel11:0012:30
Awareness In Health Insurance18-Feb-2023Dr. Rohini Sakpal11:0012:30
Understanding & Implementing Principles Of Sustainability11-Feb-2023Mr. G. S. Baveja11:0012:30
Training - ISO 1497104-Feb-2023Mr. Bhupesh Sood11:0012:30
Right To Information - 200528-Jan-2023Mr. Ranjit Raj Kakde11:0012:30
Art Of Managing Time21-Jan-2023Ms. Kriti Khanna11:0012:30
Indian Ethos The Lighthouse For MSME14-Jan-2023Dr. Raj Agrawal11:0012:30
Ethics And Integrity For Business Success07-Jan-2023Prof. Sudesh Sharma11:0012:30
Maintenance Management In Medium & Small Scale Enterprises31-Dec-2022Mr. Gajendra Jajpuria11:0012:30
Handling Solutions With Mindfulness24-Dec-2022Mrs. Jayshree Venkatraman11:0012:30
Medical Surveillance In Industry17-Dec-2022Dr. Santosh Datar11:0012:30
Know Your Inner World10-Dec-2022Mr. Venu CV11:0012:30
Expectations Of Employees & Employers Needs Alignment03-Dec-2022Mr. Debasish Mahanta11:0012:30
Medical Device Rules India26-Nov-2022Mr. Viral Shah11:0012:30
Shaping The World Economy19-Nov-2022Mr. Murlidhar Vaity 11:0012:30
Preventive Management In The Next Generation Healthcare (DNA)12-Nov-2022Mr. Gourisankar Parida11:0012:30
Circular Economy & MSME - Towards Sustainable Growth05-Nov-2022Ms. Smitha Venkatesh11:0012:30
Centenary Celebration 29-Oct-2022Shri. Chinmay Vardhaman11:0012:30
Goof Proof Communication Skill : A Corporate Essential15-Oct-2022Dr. Udichi Kataria11:0012:30
Setting UP Of CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE For MSME08-Oct-2022Advocate Dr. Firdos T. Shroff11:0012:30
Information Security Based on ISO 2700101-Oct-2022Dr. Sanjeevani Gogawale11:0012:30
5S METHODOLOGY24-Sep-2022Mr. Yogesh Jain11:0012:30
Food Safety Culture17-Sep-2022Mr. Sumit Saxena11:0012:30
Management Concepts in Shrimadbhagvat Gita10-Sep-2022Mr. Surendra Pathwardhan11:0012:30
Anger Management Based on Teaching of Bhagvad Gita03-Sep-2022Shri. Sanjay Punjabi11:0012:30
Regulatory Business Licence for A. Manufacturer B. Service Provider C. Exporter D. Importer E. Common Licences27-Aug-2022Mr. Shyam Sharma11:0012:30
Governance Risk Management & Compliance (GRC)20-Aug-2022Ms. Smitha Venkatesh11:0012:30
Valuation Of Assets 13-Aug-2022Mr. Sanjay Dayal 11:0012:30
Food Testing - Leading To Decision Making 06-Aug-2022Ms. Krishna Dutta 11:0012:30
General Regulations For Food Safety Regulations 30-Jul-2022Ms. Sonika Rani11:0012:30
T4S for CGD23-Jul-202211:0012:30
ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certification16-Jul-2022Mr. Surendra Pathwardhan 11:0012:30
Behavioural Safety Basics 09-Jul-2022Mr. Haridasan Thekkethil11:00 AM12:30 PM
Occupational Health & Safety for Mining02-Jul-2022Mr. Anirudh Singh Choondawat11:0012:30
Chemical Rules,198925-Jun-2022Mr. Sachin Birwadkar 11:0012:30
Work Life Balance 18-Jun-2022Dr. Santosh Datar 11:0012:30
Petroleum Rules,2002 11-Jun-2022Mr. Afzal Hasan 11:0012:30
First Aid 28-May-2022Dr. Rohini Sakpal 11:0012:30
Motor Vehicle Rules 21-May-2022Mr. Manish Puranik 11:0012:30
ISO 14489 : 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Audit — Code of Practice 14-May-2022Mr. Yogesh Chandekar11:0012:30
HAZOP, HAZID, HAZAN, SIL 07-May-2022Ms. Geeta Kelkar 11:0012:30
SMPV - Pressure Vessel Code 30-Apr-2022Mr. Afzal Hasan 11:00 AM12:30 PM
EPR - Extended Producers Responsibility - an Understanding23-Apr-2022Ms. Smitha Venkatesh11:00 AM12:30 PM
HAZARDOUS WASTE HANDLING & DISPOSAL PART 116-Apr-2022Mr. Anand Pal Singh 11:0012:30
INDIAN BOILER REGULATIONS,195009-Apr-2022Mr. Afzal Hasan 11:00 AM12:30 PM
FACTORIES ACT, 1948 02-Apr-2022Mr. Yogesh Chandekar11:00 AM12:30 PM
EVOLUTION OF STANDARD & ISO Standard 18001 / 45001 / BIS Standard26-Mar-2022Mr. Haridasan Thekkethil11:00 AM12:30 PM
OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE19-Mar-2022Dr. Santosh Datar 11:0012:30
Engineering Safety 12-Mar-2022Mr. Anand Pal Singh 11:0012:30
NEED FOR SAFETY & INTRODUCTION TO HEALTH & SAFETY05-Mar-2022Mr. Yogesh Chandekar11:0012:30
Food Inspection & Testing 26-Feb-2022Ms. Yashi Shrivastava11:00 AM12:30 PM
STATUTORY & REGULATORY REQUIREMENT 19-Feb-2022Mr. Amrendra Mahamuni 11:00 AM12:30 PM
Food Safety Management System Plan 12-Feb-2022Mrs. Krishna Dutta11:00 AM12:30 PM
Product Information & Consumer Awareness 05-Feb-2022Mr. Amrendra Mahamuni 11:00 AM12:30 PM
AUDIT - DOCUMENTATION & RECORDS 29-Jan-2022Mr. Muralidhar Vaity11:00 AM12:30 PM
Pest Control 22-Jan-2022Mr. Sumit Saxena 11:00 AM12:30 PM
Personal Hygiene 15-Jan-2022Ms. Ramajendra Fernandez11:00 AM12:30 PM
Cleaning & Sanitation ; Maintenance of Establishment08-Jan-2022Prof. Sunil Paliwal 11:00 AM12:30 PM
Food Transport, Storage & Distribution 01-Jan-2022Mrs. Krishna Dutta11:00 AM12:30 PM
Familiarity About FSMS ( ISO 22000 )18-Dec-2021Mr. Om Prakash Rana 11:00 AM12:30 PM
Location, Layout & Facilities11-Dec-2021Mr. Sumit Saxena11:00 AM12:30 PM
HACCP - Critical Control Points04-Dec-2021Ms. Yashi Shrivastava11:00 AM12:30 PM
Food Hygiene & Food Safety27-Nov-2021Mrs. Krishna Dutta08:00 AM09:30 AM
System Implementation of ISO 9001 :201520-Nov-2021Mr. Nitish Sunthankar08:00 AM09:30 AM
Documentation Information 13-Nov-2021Mr. Anand Pal Singh 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Certification Requirement 06-Nov-2021Dr. Yogesh Chandekar 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Improvement 30-Oct-2021Prof. Sudesh Sharma 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Golden Jublee of SGS 50th Webinar23-Oct-2021Dr. Sundar Kataria08:00 AM09:30 AM
Performance Evaluation 16-Oct-2021Dr. Sumant Karnik 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Operations 09-Oct-2021Dr. Abhimanyu Samrat 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Quality Control Tools02-Oct-2021Mr. Surendra Pathwardhan08:00 AM09:30 AM
Support 25-Sep-2021Mr. M P Jain 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Management System & Process 18-Sep-2021Dr. Sanjeevani Gogawale 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Planning - Quality Managment11-Sep-2021Mr. Rushang Sheth 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Leadership 04-Sep-2021Mr. Surendra Pathwardhan 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Role of QA / QC in Pathological Laboratories 28-Aug-2021Dr. Shameem Begum 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Context of the Organization 21-Aug-2021Mr. Yogesh Jain 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Career Planning For Successful Life 14-Aug-2021Prof. RSS Mani 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Quality Management System Made Easy 07-Aug-2021Prof. Sudesh Sharma 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Mitigation of Risk Through Financial Security Solutions 31-Jul-2021Mr. Ravi Krishnamurthy 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Safe Handling Of Materials & Equipment of SME 24-Jul-2021Mr. Yogesh Chandekar08:00 AM09:30 AM
Managing People In Enterprises 17-Jul-2021Ms. Sana Kazi 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Practical Leadership Master Class 10-Jul-2021Prof. RSS Mani 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Accurate Guidance to Small Business On the Path of Progress ( In Gujratri )03-Jul-2021Mr. Rushang Sheth 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Welding Technology 26-Jun-2021Mr. Surendra Singh 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Management System Challenges Faced by Medium & Small Enterprises 19-Jun-2021Mr. Manish Puranik 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Business Strategy - Type & Size Of Organization 12-Jun-2021Mr. Yogesh Jain 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Spirituality & Environment 05-Jun-2021BK Suraj Bhai Ji 08:00 AM09:30 AM
ISO Made Easy For Small & Medium Scale Industries 29-May-2021Mr. Avadesh Varshneya 08:00 AM09:30 AM
How To Work Correctly & Safely On Computers 22-May-2021Dr. Santosh Datar 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Quality Assurance & NDT Non Destructive Testing Methods 15-May-2021Mr. Afzal Hasan 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Quality Assurance & Quality Control Visual Inspection & Testing 08-May-2021Mr. Abhijit Singh 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Certification For Small & Medium Industries 01-May-2021Prof. Sudesh Sharma 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work Place (POSH)24-Apr-2021Ms. Smitha Venkatesh 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Leadership & Teamwork 17-Apr-2021Prof. Sudesh Sharma 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Cyber Security 10-Apr-2021Mr. Sachin Dedhia08:00 AM09:30 AM
Anti Bribery & Anti Corruption 03-Apr-2021Mr. Prem Sharma 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Handling Customer Complaints 27-Mar-2021Prof. Sudesh Sharma 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Field Quality Assurance During Construction20-Mar-2021Mr. TRC Murthy 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Enterprise Identity Management 13-Mar-2021Mr. Aravind Suresh 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Information Security in Critical Infrastructure 06-Mar-2021Mr. Anand Shankar 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Evolution of Quality 27-Feb-2021Mr. Nitis Maitra 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Environment Management System 20-Feb-2021Mr. Anand Pal Singh 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Quality Management System Simplified for Small Scale Industries Part 2 13-Feb-2021Prof. Sudesh Sharma 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Quality Management System Simplified for Small Scale Industries Part 1 06-Feb-2021Prof. Sudesh Sharma 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Occupational Health Aspect In OHSAS Certification30-Jan-2021Mr. Santosh Datar 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Business Recovery Planning After COVID-19 23-Jan-2021Prof. Sudesh Sharma 08:00 AM09:30 AM
5 S methodologies and House Keeping Guidelines 16-Jan-2021Mr. Lal Fonseka 08:00 AM09:30 AM
HACCP TO ISO 22000 : 201809-Jan-2021Mrs. Krishna Dutta08:00 AM09:30 AM
Dairy Plant Hygiene From Production to Consumer 02-Jan-2021Mr. JV Parekh 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Dairy and Dairy Products Quality Assurance 26-Dec-2020Mr. Sumit Saxena 08:00 AM09:30 AM
SME Food Safety Management System in India 19-Dec-202008:00 AM09:30 AM
Quality Tools to implement QMS12-Dec-2020Prof. Sudesh Sharma 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Introduction & Application on quality tools 05-Dec-2020Prof. Sudesh Sharma 08:00 AM09:30 AM
Management System for medical devices , problems, risk and opportunities 28-Nov-2020Ms. Sonika Rani08:00 AM09:30 AM
Medical devices-MDQMS / Radiation medical products21-Nov-2020Ms. Sonika Rani08:00 AM09:30 AM
Risks, Problems and Opportunities 14-Nov-2020Prof. Sudesh Sharma 08:00 AM09:30 AM